Basic Policy regarding the Distribution of Profits

We will continue to aim to enhance our business performance in order to implement a stable and continual dividend payment, in overall consideration of a need to secure internal reserves as well, in anticipation of future performance and business development.
With a new indicator of dividend on equity ratio (DOE) aimed at improving the downward rigidity of dividends for the five years from April 1, 2021, we have introduced the return policy of “payout ratio of over 40% and DOE of over 4%” while maintaining performance-linked profit return.

Cash Dividends


FY3/18 FY3/19 FY3/20 FY3/21 FY3/22 FY3/23 FY3/24 FY3/25
Interim 14 yen 12 yen 17 yen 6 yen 17 yen 24 yen 27 yen 29 yen(Forecast)
Year-end 10 yen 13 yen 18 yen 18 yen 19 yen 28 yen 28 yen 29 yen(Forecast)
Total 24 yen 25 yen 35 yen 24 yen 36 yen 52 yen 55 yen 58 yen(Forecast)

Special Benefit Plans for Shareholders

We do not currently have special benefit plans for shareholders.