2024 Jan. Hoosiers Licensed Strata Management Consultant Office Co., Ltd.established
Integrated Vermilion Capital Management Limited and Hoosiers REIT Advisors Co., Ltd.
Changed the name to Hoosiers Capital Management Co., Ltd.
2022 Dec. Home Stage Co., Ltd. added to Group
March Hoosiers Private REIT Investment Corporation established
2019 Aug. Hoosiers REIT Advisors Co.,Ltd. established
2018 March Integrated sports club operation companies and changed the name to Hoosiers Wellness&Sports Co.Ltd.
2017 Oct. Hoosiers, Inc. established in Oregon, US.
Sept. Vermilion Capital Management Limited added to Group.
May Hoosiers Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. established in Singapore
Began overseas business
2016 Dec. Crystal Sports Club added to Group
Aug. Miyanomori Sports Co., Ltd. added to Group
April SPORTS ACADEMY Co., Ltd. added to Group
2015 July Hoosiers Care Design Co.Ltd. established
April IEA Co., Ltd. Established
2014 Jan. AM31 added to Group (Now Hoosiers Asset Management)
Began real estate investment business
2013 April Hoosiers Holdings established
2004 Sept. Shares listed on First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (nine years, nine months after establishment)
2003 Oct. Shares listed on Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange (eight years, 10 months after establishment)
2002 Oct. Shares listed on JASDAQ market (seven years, 10 months after establishment)
Hoosiers Living Service established
1995 June Reorganized from limited liability company to joint-stock company
Renamed Hoosiers Corporation
Jan. Began real estate sales contracting business (planning/solutions sales agent)
1994 Dec. Hoosiers Y.K. established