During the course of its business activities in a wide range of domains from development to operations management of real estate, the Group is connected with various regional communities. Therefore, we believe that it is our duty as a good corporate citizen to proactively fulfill a role to support and work with society while seeking harmonious balance between interests of our own and society.
As part of such efforts, the Group is engaged in social/community service activities mainly in its mainstay real estate field such as recovery support for disaster-stricken areas and conservation and management of traditional Kyomachiya (townhouse in Kyoto). We believe these activities will lead to pursuit of the “dream life” and realization of sustainable society.

Conservation and management of “Nagae Family Residence,” a tangible cultural property designated by Kyoto City ― industry, government and academia collaboration ―

In 2015, the Group acquired this building to succeed a historic cultural property and contribute to regional community. And in 2018, with an aim to contribute to conservation and utilization of historical property, an initiative by Kyoto City, the Group completed restoration/repair work to bring back the original design of the “North Building” of the main building of the Nagae Family Residence, whose interior was renovated during the late 1970s and early 1980s. The Group is promoting this project collaboratiing with Ritsumeikan University as an example of an advanced industry-government-academia collaboration model that receives support from Kyoto Center for Community Collaboration.
The Group received Good Design Award and Mayor’s Award and Excellence Award in Kyomachiya category of Kyoto Landscape Award in 2019 and Association Award and Business Performance Award of Association of Urban housing Sciences in 2020.

“Nagae Family Residence,” a tangible cultural property designated by Kyoto City

Support of and volunteer in “Tour de Iwaki”

“Tour de Iwaki” is a cycling event that have been held in Iwaki City, Fukushima, since 2014 under the theme of “Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Support.“ The Group has supported and participated as a sponsor company since 2015. All sales from stalls are donated to Iwaki City as Great East Japan Earthquake Relief Donation.

“Hoosiers Farm,” a farm operated in cooperation with Hokuto City, Yamanashi

The Group has cooperated with Wellness Minami Yatsugatake Farm in Hokuto City, Yamanashi, since 2010 and hosted events for residents of properties under our management.
(1) Organize a farming experience event in the farm for residents with family
(2) Sell agricultural products grown in the farm by the association of the property under our management

Exchange with social welfare corporation Fukudenkai

Since 2015, the Group has continuously organized school trips for children of “Miyashiro Gakuen,” a welfare-type facility for children with special needs run by a social welfare corporation Fukudenkai, with trip cost covered by the Group and about a dozen employees participating in the trip. These activities were recognized as contribution to welfare of Tokyo, and we received the “Chair’s Award of Tokyo Council of Social Welfare” at the 68th Tokyo Social Welfare Convention in 2019.