Message from the President

Toward creation of richer housing

The Hoosiers Group is promoting its business under the corporate philosophy to “enrich the housing in Japan by continuing to offer the best quality houses and services that meet customers’ needs.”
Marking its 29th anniversary, the Group will think through the nature of things from the customer’s perspective at all times to create and offer new values for society in order to continue to be needed by society.
Since its foundation in 1994, the Group has cultivated its unique market of “large-scale, high-quality suburban condominium apartments” in the real estate sales business and accelerated its growth. Since then, as we went through the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and other changes in the business environment, we expanded our business domains to the stock fee business including the property management and the real estate investment. We will try to meet people in many more daily life situations and make real “what people wish to have” in order to realize the “dream life.”

Aiming for sustainable growth by balancing business and ESG

In recent years, various social issues are surfacing in the world, including human rights and labor issues in addition to climate change such as global warming and natural disasters. Amid such a situation, the importance of companies’ social responsibilities is ever more increasing as represented by the formation of international consensus such as SDGs and the Paris Agreement as well as the expansion of ESG investments in the global capital market.
Meanwhile, in Japan, significant changes in the social structure such as aging population and increasing nuclear families have led to a rapid diversification of people’s set of values about their lifestyle, increasing demand for the development of unconventional products and services.
Accordingly, companies are required to detect changes of the times, offer products and services that meet customer needs, and show their commitment to solve social issues through ESG and CSR initiatives toward sustainable growth.
The Group includes “promotion of ESG management “ in its Medium-Term Management Plan, aiming to promote both the management strategy and ESG strategy simultaneously. Specifically, it consists of three key themes (“Affluent lifestyle,” “Collaborative regional development,” and “Environment”) and two basic themes (“Wellness” and “Governance”). Also as an extension of our conventional CSR activities, we will take part in social/community service activities.
By connecting these ESG activities with our businesses, we will further advance the establishment of a system enabling to balance the businesses and ESG activities. And based on the new management structure, we aim to create new values and contribute to society through our business activities while valuing the Hoosiers’ identity.
Your continued support is very much appreciated.