Message from the President

Toward solving social issues through our business

Since its founding in 1994, the Hoosiers Group has fully engaged with our customers and explored their true needs for housing to enable them to live “the life that they always wanted.”  In the 2000s, when the mainstream in the industry was condominium apartments near the station, the Group introduced “large-scale, high-quality suburban condominium apartments” focusing on the largeness and the design from a female perspective, rather than the distance from the station. Since 2010, the Group has continued to offer new lifestyles to society by launching condominium apartments for seniors and compact condominium apartments for single women. 
In recent years, various social issues are emerging around the world, including those related to climate change such as global warming and natural disasters as well as human rights and labor issues. Amid such a situation, companies’ social responsibilities are becoming increasingly important day by day as international accords such as SDGs and the Paris Agreement have been created and ESG investments are expanding in the global capital market.
Meanwhile, in Japan, significant changes in the social structure, such as declining birthrate, aging population and increasing nuclear families, have led to a rapid diversification of people’s values related to their lifestyle, creating demand for the development of unconventional products and services.
The Hoosiers Group will mark its 30th anniversary in 2024. We renewed our Group message with the aim of clarifying once again the path the Group should take in order for us to achieve sustainable and long-term growth and continue to be a company that is truly needed by customers, communities and society even in a time of rapid change. Our new Group message consists of “Hoosiers WAY (what we value): ‘Challenging ourselves to create new value,’” “Hoosiers PROMISE (what we are promising): ‘Innovate your lifestyle,’” and “Hoosiers PURPOSE (what we are aiming for): ‘A Social Impact Developer®.’” “A Social Impact Developer,” which we set as "Purpose,” embodies our commitment to offering solutions to various social issues while adapting to changes and innovating customers’ lifestyle through our business. 
The Group will work toward solving social issues through our business with the knowledge gained from our past challenges.